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Hand training & strength improvement power grip

ADJUSTABLE– Strengthen your forearms, build crushing grip…or simply rehabilitate injured fingers – it’s all possible with the 10 > 40kg multi adjustable Power Gripper where powerful resistance is created with the simple twist of a dial for multiple resistance in one.

WARM UP TOOL – Precision manufactured, Power Gripper is a perfect warm up prior to any free-weight session, Olympic lifting, racket sport, wrist/hand/finger muscles helping to rapidly warm up the forearm flexor and extensor muscles and drive blood flow into the tissue to help prevent injury during the workout or game.

REHABILITATE & PREVENT INJURY – Regain lost strength and movement in your hands and fingers post-injury. Gradually increase the resistance as you recover to experience active rehabilitation with long-term health benefits.

POWERFUL STRENGTHENING – The perfect accessory to keep in your gym bag or car glove box, a 30 second progressive squeeze at the desired resistance level will place a strong loading on the muscles in the forearm and help develop massive grip strength and very strong fingers.


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