Soccer Ball Size 5 – O’Connor


Size 3  Size 4  Size 5 
Player age Under Eight Ages Eight To Twelve Ages Twelve +
Circumference 23 to 24 inches 25 to 26 inches 27 to 28 inches
Weight 290g to 330g 350g to 390 Grams 420g to 450g ounces

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The O’Connor soccer ball offers premium quality construction, technology and performance.

With our exclusive 4.5mm foam backing, it is unbeatable as a match ball.

  • Outer – 1.00mm Premium Quality PU
  • Bladder – Superior Taiwan Butyl Bladder with Thread Winding
  • Backing – Exclusive 4.5mm Foam Backing – 2mm EVA + 1 Ply Poly-Cotton + 2.5mm EVA Foam
  • Finish – Glossy Dimpled Texture for Added Softness
  • Official Weight – 420g to 450g
  • Official Size – 64.00 to 66.00cm

FIFA regulations state size 5 balls must weigh between 420 g and 450 g,

Seamless Technology Made with Artificial Leather as good as any match ball.

The O’Connor Hybrid’s soccer ball is a fabricated according to the latest FIFA standards.

Its specially bonded by the hybrid technology and sewn seamless surface and the multi-layer 3D special substructure guarantee a minimum water absorption.

You can use the O’Connor hybrid ball as a game ball in all weather conditions and soil types. Manufactured by FIFA standard.

Ideal Football for drills and practice


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